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Women Make the News Campaign

March 8, 2010

This year UNESCO celebrates International Women’s Day with the launch of the annual Women Make the News (WIMN)
initiative with the theme “Towards Gender Sensitivity Perspectives in Media and in Media Content”.

UNESCO invites media professionals and media organizations, unions, public interest groups and citizens to share their thought on creating a responsive gender-based media system.

In 1995 the World Conference on Beijing issued the Beijing Declaration, and Section J in the Declaration and Platform for Action referred explicitly to women’s rights for gender equality through the media: to ensure equity for the creation, production, retrieval and dissemination of media; to avoid stereotyping of women in media; and to ensure that women were able to take advantage of new media technologies such as the internet.

What has changed – or not – since then? Have media institutions be responsive to the concerns of Section J? How can civil society organizations effectively scrutinize and monitor the media?

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