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Count Down to Copenhagen

November 23, 2009

Pay attention to media coverage leading up to the United Nations 2009 Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen December 7-18.

CBC’s November 19th The Current had a show ‘Climate Cover-Up’ (go down to Part Three to listen to it), which features an interview with  James Hoggan, President of the PR firm, James Hoggan and Associates, Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, and author of Climate Cover-Up.

I think that this whole message that the globe is cooling and that climate change is not happening  is all about public relations – it’s not about science. If it was about science it would be taking place in scientific journals – it’s not taking place in scientific journals – it’s taking place at the Kiwanis Club, it’s taking place in small community newspapers…the real power and influence of these groups comes from their ability to hide who they are…

See also James Hoggan on Democracy Now (October 20) talking about his book.

From A Slideshow of 15 people worth watching in Copenhagen!

Another interesting article: Naomi Klein in the November 11th Rolling Stone on Climate Rage:

As faith in government action dwindles, however, climate activists are treating Copenhagen as an opportunity of a different kind. On track to be the largest environmental gathering in history, the summit represents a chance to seize the political terrain back from business-friendly half-measures, such as carbon offsets and emissions trading, and introduce some effective, common-sense proposals — ideas that have less to do with creating complex new markets for pollution and more to do with keeping coal and oil in the ground.

Among the smartest and most promising — not to mention controversial — proposals is “climate debt,” the idea that rich countries should pay reparations to poor countries for the climate crisis. In the world of climate-change activism, this marks a dramatic shift in both tone and content.

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