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Facebook Frolics or Follies?

November 22, 2009

Two recent stories reported in the media highlight troubling free speech aspects for female users of  Facebook. In one, a Quebec woman has alleged that her insurance benefits were discontinued from her employer after they saw pictures of her posted on Facebook. Nathalie Blanchard was on  leave from her job at IBM and was receiving monthly sick-leave benefits from her employer under Manulife. Pictures displayed on Blanchard’s Facebook profile showing her vacationing and on the beach in a bikini indicated to the insurance agency that she was “no longer depressed”. Said her lawyer Tom Lavin in a CBC report,”‘I don’t think for judging a mental state that Facebook is a very good tool, he said, adding that he has requested another psychiatric evaluation for Blanchard”.

In another case, Janine Krieber, wife of former Liberal head Stéphane Dion, wrote a scathing note on her Facebook page where she said that Liberal “party members were duped by Mr. Ignatieff and would have recognized his obvious shortcomings if they’d only taken the time to read his academic writings.” The post, which has since been deleted, also questions “whether current Leader Michael Ignatieff is the one to lead the party out of its funk”. See Sidhartha Banerjee, ‘Outspoken Wife …’ in The Globe and Mail.

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