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Local TV ‘Battle’

November 15, 2009

Article from  November 13th The Globe and Mail about the upcoming CRTC hearing on ‘fee for carriage’ debates. Grant Robertson, Nathan VanderKlippe, and Susan Krashinsky report on the broadcasters’ Save Local TV and the cable companies Stop the TV Tax public relations campaigns.

The big broadcasters argue the cable giants make huge profits from subscribers without sharing the wealth with the networks that provide their signals. The cable and satellite companies dismiss the networks’ campaign as a cash grab, pointing out that they pipe those channels into 90 per cent of homes in Canada, and the broadcasters reap the advertising revenues.

Caught in the middle are viewers, bombarded with attack ads appealing to hometowns and pocketbooks. The broadcasters say they need a fee to stabilize the shaky financial status of small-market stations. Accordingly, their campaign is branded “Save Local TV.” The cable industry’s push is branded “Stop the TV Tax,” seizing upon consumer fears about bigger bills. Both sides urge consumers to contact their MPs.


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