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Wagman on the Fee For Carriage Debate

November 4, 2009

A pathetic war for public opinion is taking place between Canadian television networks and cable and satellite providers. At issue: whether the CRTC, the country’s broadcasting regulator, should allow broadcast networks to charge broadcasting distributors for the right to carry their signal, a service that was once offered free.

Column by Mediascapes author Ira Wagman in The Mark on the debates over fee-for-carriage debate: Spin Wars, November 2, 2009

A proposal by the CRTC for fee-for-carriage would have over-the-air television broadcasters (CTV, Global the CBC) compensated for their signals by the cable and satellite industry. From the CBC: “it has proposed raising the fees cable and satellite firms must pay to subsidize local TV programming and instituting a new fee that cable and satellite companies would have to pay to carry conventional broadcasters’ signals. Cable and satellite companies warn that if they’re forced to pay broadcasters for their signals — they’ll pass that cost on to consumers.”

The CRTC Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2009-411 can be found here.


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