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Why We Need Net Neutrality

November 3, 2009

From Anita Krajnc,, November 2, 2009, Why should Canadian queers care about net neutrality?


Justin Stayshyn, a techie with a huge following on Twitter (@UnionSt), says queers should keep a close eye on the issue of net neutrality.

“Given the history of censorship against our community, such as the material destined for Little Sister book store being stopped at the border, we should be particularly vigilant,” he says. “Some politicians have used the censorship of erotica for their own political gain.”


Kim Elliott, publisher of and a steering committee member of, says the importance of net neutrality to queer websites and bloggers cannot be overestimated. Elliot says the free and open internet has served as a crucial medium for gay rights and other progressive movements to reach out to communities beyond urban centres and across borders.

“The open internet has made possible a connecting of people and issues in ways no one imagined,” says Elliott. “In the media, with corporate-owned media no longer the gatekeeper for how people learn about each other and news, spaces for new kinds of connections and for the advancement of diverse social interests have proliferated.

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