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August 22, 2009

A feature in the Globe and Mail focuses on David Beers, the editor of the Vancouver-based The

Fiona Morrow. A Site for Sore Journalists, the Globe and Mail, August 22, 2009.

…When he launched the site in 2003, modelling it on U.S. online site, Beers was taking a step into the journalistic unknown. A former chief features editor and columnist at the Vancouver Sun, he thought he was engaging in an interesting experiment, but had few illusions about its potential for longevity. He expected to be wrapping the whole thing up within a year or two.

Six years later, The Tyee boasts 250,000 page hits a month. That may be a tiny fraction compared to mainstream media sites, but next to its peers, The Tyee is more than holding its own. The biggest similar site in the United States, reported 200,000 hits a month last year, while Californian site, “San Diego’s non-profit source of local news,” mustered just 18,000 over the same period.

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