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Diversity in the Newspaper Industry

August 14, 2009

Jazmine Ulloa in the Boston Globe has written an article “Economy Tests Media’s Diversity” which looks at the annual Asian American Journalists Association convention. A concern is making sure newsrooms reflect the changing demographics in the U.S., where “Minorities make up about a third of the US population and are expected to represent half by 2042, with rates for Asian and Hispanic Americans growing the fastest, according to the Census Bureau” (Ulloa). This is especially challenging when the newspaper industry is facing stiff cut-backs in the current recessionary climate – lay-offs, cut-backs, closures.

A very useful report was produced by Suzanne M. Kirchoff for the Congressional Research Service, The U.S. Newspaper Industry in Transition.

Diversity in Canadian newsrooms is also an ongoing concern. At the Media Awareness Network, Federico Barahona’s Invisible: Divesity in Canadian Newsrooms, provides interetsing personal reflections.

See also Angela Spadafora’s Focal Point: Ethnicity and the Media. and the Diversity Watch website set up by Professor John Miller at Ryerson University School of Journalism.

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